The grass lawn in front of your home or business is more than just decoration. It’s an essential part of your landscaping that gives your home or business a well-cared-for appearance. If it is your home, people will know you value its appearance, and if it is your business, it’s a sign that you are responsible and take care of things, and this is a good quality in a business! A lawn is a place for your family and employees to sit for lunches, and play frisbee in their free time. It gives your kids a place to run and be free, your dog a place to chase squirrels and fetch balls. But a lush, green lawn doesn’t just happen, especially in southeastern Kansas. When you see a lawn that looks perfect through the summer months, you can be sure that someone, or a whole crew of people, has been working hard since spring to make sure that all the elements are in place. These elements need to come together in just the right measure, and at just the right time, to make lawns thrive. These chores can take up your entire weekend. When you need someone to take over this never-ending chore, and do it with a level of precision that comes from years of experience, and a thorough knowledge of grasses and turf, call TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living. We provide the full-spectrum of lawn care, as well as all the landscaping services you need, from hardscaping to tree care services.

Turn to the Experts at TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living

TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living started out as a lawn care service, and it remains at the heart of what we do. One fourteen-year-old boy and a lawnmower started what would morph over the years into TLC. Our founder specialized in turf care. He is a certified applicator in the states of Kansas and Oklahoma, holding certifications in turf and ornamental pest control, and industrial and right-of-way weed control. There is no aspect of lawn care that we can’t handle. We’ll review some of the basic services we provide to ensure you have the greenest, the lushest lawn possible in this climate.

Aeration, Seeding, and Dethatching

The three services of aeration, seeding, and dethatching are maintenance chores that need to be done on a yearly basis to keep your lawn growing and in a healthy state. In our hot, dry summers, and winters that usually include a few awe-inspiring ice storms, some grasses have a tough time. They need TLC to come back in the spring, and our aeration, seeding, and dethatching services are just what they need. Soils tend to compact over time and use. Compaction pushes the air out of the soil, and this is not good for grasses. The roots of grass take in water, nutrients, and oxygen from the soil and if the soil is very compacted, they won’t get the oxygen they need. Aeration solves this by creating holes in the ground to allow oxygen to go root-deep into the earth. Aeration pulls out small plugs of dirt from the soil which will, in turn, fall apart and return to begin part of the soil. This loosening of the soil should happen every spring.

We also provide seeding services. Seeding lawns helps to keep your lawn green all summer. Our hot summer nights have a devastating effect on our cool season grasses, but when these grasses are reseeded periodically, your lawn will stay green.

Dethatching a lawn gives it breathing space. Over time, grass forms a thatch, or matted dead bits of grass, and other normal lawn debris. It may be normal, but it’s not great for your lawn—in fact, it can choke out patches of grass. Dethatching thins out this thatch layer and allows your grass to grow freely.

Turf Fertilization and Weed Control
A great lawn requires a precise balance of elements. TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living knows how to perfectly balance maintenance, watering, mowing, turf fertilization, and weed control to give your home or business the perfect lawn. We can arrange a soil test for your lawn to know the starting point for your lawn. We will adjust the fertilization to match your grass needs. After a soil test, we’ll know exactly how much nitrogen, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, and boron your grass needs to reach and maintain the lush green level you want.

Call TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living for all your lawncare needs. We offer full-service lawn care and have the experience and knowledge to tackle any problem. Call today and make sure your home or business’s lawn looks great all summer!