The Little Details

Keeping a healthy lawn and landscape often comes down to the littlest details. Unfortunately, these details often include insects and rodents. Damaging to your grass, trees, shrubs and other plants, pests have been known to quickly destroy landscapes, costing home and business owners an inordinate amount of money.

By definition, anything that is unwanted can be considered a pest.  Pests can be weeds, annoying insects or even one blade of Bermuda grass in a spotless sea of beautiful fescue lawn.  A pest can even be your daughter’s lackadaisical boyfriend or the neighbor’s dog who always finds a way to get your newspaper before you do.  There are some things we can’t help with. but in the realm of lawns and landscapes, we’ve got your back.

Problem Solving

Many homeowners can easily tell when something is wrong with their beloved lawns and landscapes but don’t know why the problem devolved or best method to tackle the problem. Our staff can offer great insight and suggestion of how to solve your specific problem.  If part of the solution is an application of a herbicide, fungicide or pesticide, we have trained tech ready to make the applications for you.

Our most popular pest control issues are controlling unwanted summer time pests in lawns and landscapes. Our pet and kid friendly products offer fast control of ornamental pests like bagworms, webworms, tent caterpillars, scales, and aphids as well as lawn pests such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, and ants. Our treatments can last for up to 6 weeks.

We’re Here To Help

Offering safe, environmentally-friendly pesticide measures, our team of experts can keep insects and rodents in check, stopping them in their tracks, and protecting your landscape.

As part of any comprehensive lawn and landscape maintenance package, our pest control techniques are backed by the industry-leading experience offered by our expert team at TLC Nursery and Outdoor Living. Find out why so many of your friends and neighbors choose us for their regular lawn care needs by scheduling your first appointment now.