mowingDid you know that TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living started out as a 14-year-old boy with a push mower and a milk crate?  Humble beginnings and a lot of hard work have grown our lawn mowing operations into a diverse network of clients.   TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living maintenance crews spend over 500 hours each week mowing our client’s properties.  We offer the highest end mowing for the most pristine lawns to large area production mowing for clients with budgets in mind. Our customers include residents, banks, restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, schools, cemeteries, government buildings, airports, and manufacturing and industrial sites.  All these clients have one thing on common- they need reliable and accountable contractors to perform the work right and on time.  You can rely on prompt service like clockwork to provide service by the same crew the same day of the week and often times the same time of the day.

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