Irrigation System Design and Installation

A well designed and correctly tuned irrigation system ensures your landscape getting the correct amount of water it needs to flourish.  Not only can we custom design and install systems to meet your needs but we give you the support you need when it’s time for servicing your system as well.  Have an existing system that does not work or you know nothing about?  TLC services all systems whether we installed them or not!


We design and install both commercial and residential irrigation systems. We have the ability to either trench or vibratory plow irrigation systems in. Vibratory plowing pipes into the ground creating far less soil disturbance and leaving a clean work site. See the video above for a demonstration of the vibratory plowing method.

We use only the best manufacturers of irrigation products including; Hunter, Toro, and Rainbird. Our systems come complete with wireless rain sensors and automatic in-line drains to reduce the time it takes for proper winterization of your system.

We offer a one-year parts and labor warranty for all new installs.

Irrigation Audits

There are a lot of factors that go into managing a sprinkler system. Many of our customers rely on us for spring start up and routine inspections and adjustments. Our audits allow us to make sure that your irrigation system is programmed correctly for seasonal changes and that all the components are adjusted and functioning properly. Many irrigation systems operate in the early morning hours so it is hard to see if your system is working properly. A stuck valve, clogged nozzle in a pop-up spray head or a stripped gear in a rotor can cause improper watering patterns and lead to the decline of plants and turf. Our goal is to catch these issues before they become problems, saving water, plant material and money! We offer services programs that include just spring start up and/or winter shut down as well as monthly monitoring and adjustments for summer months as well for clients who want to rely on a trained eye to make the call on how long and how often their system should be running.

Service Work and Repairs

If a year long monitoring service is not in your budget or you are a savvy homeowner that knows your system well, we still offer spring check-ups and will always offer emergency repair service. We have the most talented and knowledgeable technicians who can repair almost any problem you may be experiencing with your system. From dry spots and broken pipes to faulty wiring and tricky valve locations, you can trust us to repair your system. We can also make additions to or revamp older systems.

We keep maps of every irrigation system we have installed in the past 30 years and if we work on a system we did not install, we make one for our records as well. We have special equipment that helps our technicians locate broken wires and valves that have been buried underground. These maps and equipment help us diagnose problems quickly with minimal damage to your landscape. We keep a wide variety of repair components on hand in our dedicated mobile irrigation truck to service all brands of manufacturers including Hunter, Rainbird, and Toro.

Backflow Testing and Certification

Cross connection controls are very important to keeping our public water supply safe.  TLC is the only irrigation contractor in our part of the state that can legally install and service backflow prevention devices.  We have two certified backflow install/testing/repair technicians.  Backflow devices on your sprinkler systems should be tested and certified annually. Why is this important and how does it work?  For more information, look for Backflow Testing on our documents page or clink on the links below.