landscape-lightingAdding natural beauty to any outdoor environment, professional landscaping automatically increases the level of enjoyment in your surroundings. With the addition of garden beds, trees, shrubbery, flowers and other plants, the privacy of your outdoor space is increased, as well as your property value.

After an initial assessment of your property’s unique qualities, topography, and environmental challenges, we design and layout a plan for installation that addresses your every wish and desire. With years of knowledge regarding local horticulture, we choose those plants and trees that will cost you less money to maintain them while being conscious of the local environment. By planting the best trees, shrubs, and plants for your Southeast Kansas yard, we ensure healthy, vibrant greenery for years to come while saving you money in the long run. This process is much more than a simple estimate and a quick run-through. We put all of our efforts into designing an all-encompassing landscape that includes greenery, walkways, lighting and irrigation elements. Plus, with a five-year warranty on all of our trees and shrubs, your greenery is guaranteed to last.

Landscape Lighting

The show is not over when the sun goes down.  Add an extra element to your landscape with landscape lighting.  Imagine soft wall washes, pathway lighting and under lighting majestic mature trees.  We use LED technology to provide bold lighting with very little power usage and all of our fixtures have a lifetime warrantee with 10 year warrantee on transformers.  Give us a chance to see how we can put your landscape into the next dimensions. NIGHT TIME!

Find out why so many of your friends and neighbors are choosing us for all of their landscaping installations and maintenance by calling for your own personal consultation now. We believe that “an outdoor life is a better life.”