Jack DeGraw & Geremi – Owners and (Jack) Director of Nursery Services

Email: jack@livetlc.com

Jack was born and spent his early childhood in northern New Jersey. He graduated from Independence High School in 1999 and founded TLC Groundskeeping. Jacks background is in lawn and landscape maintenance, having a firm understanding of how your lawn and landscape is maintained pays great dividends on how well they perform and how long your investment will last. Jack is a certified applicator with the states of Kansas and Oklahoma, holding certifications in turf and ornamental pest control and industrial and right-of-way weed control. If you have concerns about turf, irrigation or weed control, He’s your guy.

Geremi is the wife of Jack DeGraw. Jack and Geremi have 4 children ranging in ages from 11 to 21. Geremi is a native of Independence, Kansas.


Fred Schultz – Owner and Director of Lawn Mowing Operations and Industrial Services

Email: fred@livetlc.com

Fred has had an extensive career in retail and service based business.  Fred managed a local grocery store at the age of 19 and worked for a large soft drink distributor for ten years.  As a way to earn supplemental income for my family, my son Beau and I started mowing lawns after school and on weekends.  In 2002 I bought out a local contractor and in 2003, Jack and I joined our two ventures and formed TLC Groundskeeping, LLC.  Fred’s responsibilities include mowing operations and logistics and is vital in our bare ground vegetation management services.  Fred oversee several mowing crews while having my own route which includes, mowing, brush hogging and just about anything else that TLC needs to get done to meet customers needs.  Although many of Fred’s golfing buddies don’t see him much, his commitment to my customer’s needs is second to none.

Tina Coda

Email: tina@livetlc.com

Tina has been with TLC for 10 years. She is a native of California and came to Independence in 1980 . Tina has worked in the greenhouse industry since 2004. She manages our greenhouse and does all of our ordering, as well as pots up our pots, baskets for sale and for customers and businesses. Tina has such an imagination and a craft for fairy gardens and she has personal created each and every fairy garden in our greenhouse. Tina manages all of our outdoor lot.

Email: kayla@livetlc.com

Kayla Keller

Kayla joined TLC in 2022. She is our go to gal for Customer Relations. Kayla can assist with all customer accounts questions, setting up appointments ect.

Pam Schultz

Email: pam@livetlc.com

Pam joined TLC 2021. Pam is responsibilities in all things billing, customer accounts, accounts receivable and accounts payable.