The sight of fall trees is a thing of beauty. However, the fiery mix of orange, brown, and red is rather short-lived. As autumn progresses and the days grow colder, the dazzling leaves will fall to the ground and quickly consume your lawn. This is likely the time when you reach for the rake and begin collecting and bagging up autumn’s remnants. However, there are other options beyond the traditional rake method. In this blog, the lawn care professionals at TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living would like to share with you some of these leaf removal alternatives.

Use a Leaf Blower

When it comes to fall lawn care, a leaf blower can be your best friend. It’s a tried and true way of gathering and managing fallen leaves. This method is especially beneficial in large yards where using a rake is impractical and time-consuming. Your leaf blower can also be a quick hack for cleaning out your gutters.

Put Down a Tarp

One reliable and efficient method for removing leaves is to use a tarp. Simply lay out a tarp, rake leaves onto it, and move the tarp around the lawn as necessary. Once the lawn is clear or the tarp is full, you can easily drag them into a disposal area for compost preparation. This can be a cheap way to clean up leaves since it only requires a rake and a tarp.

Mulch the Leaves

If you want to keep your lawn and landscape looking immaculate and tidy, this might not be the best option for you. However, there is a wealth of studies and research that shows that fallen leaves can have a number of health benefits to your lawn and soil. They can form a natural mulch and fertilize the soil as the leaves break down. To achieve this, you will want to mow over the fallen leaves, breaking them up into tiny pieces. You can also use a mulcher to do this. It’s a process that is as simple as mowing your leaf-covered yard a few times.

Another option to reap the benefits of leaves is to mulch them and apply them to garden beds and flower beds. This is a very simple yet effective way to build up soil fertility. Similarly, instead of setting out bags of leaves for your garbage man, consider other alternatives like looking into local leaf drop-offs or adding them to your home compost pile.

Hire a Fall Clean Up Service

If your idea of an enjoyable weekend isn’t chasing leaves around the yard with a rake, this may be the option for you. This is a service that we offer at TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living. When you enlist our services, we can remove leaves from flower beds, patios, decks, gutters, and lawns. From start to finish, we will collect, clean up, and remove all debris to keep your lawn looking great and ready for the winter. Contact us today to schedule your fall cleanup.

In addition to fall cleanup, we also offer lawn aeration services, landscape maintenance, dethatching, and an array of other lawn services. Contact Southeast Kansas’ Top Rated® Local Lawn Care Service today!