Are you looking to spruce up your lawn, but you don’t know where to start? Maybe you already have a bit of landscaping installed, but you’re bored with the cookie-cutter look. Read on for tips and tricks to create distinctive landscaping that adds both curb appeal and unique personality to your block.

Step 1: Decide how you want to use the space.

The very best landscape designs have a purpose. Once you decide exactly how you want to use your landscaping, you can come up with more creative, functional ideas that tie into a bigger theme. Do you want to focus your landscaping design around an entertaining space, such as a pool or a patio for grilling and dining? Are you looking for something more relaxing, perhaps with a hammock or seating area, a gardening area that’s also a nice place to read a book, or alternatively, do you just want a more functional area for your kids to play in that also looks nice? There are so many things you can do with landscaping; take your lawn to its greatest potential by using it for exactly what you need.

Step 2: Choose a theme.

Now that you know how you want to use your landscaping area, how do you show a little personality? Choose a theme for your landscaping! Whether subtle or all-encompassing, themes can involve anything from a relaxing oasis filled with shade trees and mellow colors, to a rustic farmhouse-themed patio dining area with distressed touches and fresh blooms, or even an exotic, lush landscape centered around a pool or hot tub.

Step 3: Find a few key items or statement plants that work with your space.

If your landscaping space is primarily for entertaining, why not add a firepit or wood-burning stove? A relaxing theme can incorporate a hammock or stone bench and a large shade tree, and a landscape geared toward the kids can bring in an adorable gardening spot just for the little ones, or even a fountain or small water feature. Seek out a statement piece or plants that complement your theme, and your landscape design will truly pop.

Step 4: Do something a little out of the ordinary.

It’s natural to want to stick with one color palette or straight lines, but what’s the harm in changing things up a bit? Instead of planting everything in rows, experiment with curved lines of flowers that incorporate the flow of the landscaping. Consider adding a well-placed tree or two to draw eyes toward the sky. Place contrasting colors right next to each other to add richness to your landscaping palette, making your foliage truly pop.

Step 5: Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Sure, landscaping is about the plants, but what can you add that genuinely complements the plants you’ve worked hard to choose? The answer? Garden accessories. Even better, think about adding elements that will stick around all year long, such as carefully-placed boulders, seating areas, evergreen plants, shrubs, or trees, unique containers and pots, or water features. After all, if you’ve worked hard to make your yard a retreat, it only makes sense to design it to be functional year-round. Is your family into something a little offbeat, like dinosaurs? Throw in a small statue. Do you have some distinctive pottery, or an impressive collection of windchimes? Show it off! Let go of the idea that your landscaping has to look like everyone else’s, and let your personality really shine.

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