Ice, ice, baby. Too cold, too cold.

Alright stop.

It’s time to collaborate and listen to more than Vanilla Ice.

TLC Nursery and Outdoor Living is the way to handle too much ice and snow this winter. It’s time to prepare for the winter storms ahead. For many, that means grudgingly getting out of a warm bed before the sun rises and heading out the door for work, still before the sun rises. Storms that settle in overnight and leave a white wonderland present the next morning are rarely welcomed.

These storms mean heading out the door even earlier than desired to clear off the car and shovel the driveway. And if you don’t shovel the driveway first thing in the morning and drive over it instead, you’re setting yourself up for a tough afternoon of scraping packed snow off the driveway.

If you own a business, getting the snow and ice off the walkways are especially important because employee and customer safety is at stake. Failure to provide safe walkways can result in an injury… and a lawsuit. We don’t want you to go through that.

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Take away the stress caused by unexpected snow storms when you hire TLC Nursery and Outdoor Living for snow and ice removal in Independence, KS.

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What To Expect

As a professional snow removal company, TLC knows how to prepare for storm days so we can visit all of our clients and clear the snow so that the winter threat is handled correctly.

We have a collection of equipment and tools that make snow removal fast and easy for our team, which means clear paths for you in no time.

We prepare to work through the night to keep pathways clear, and we can come back more than once if the snow continues to dump.

If there is a hard surface on your property, you can count on TLC to remove the snow and ice. It’ll be gone in no time so you can quickly and safely traverse the paths.

Unfortunately, you’ll still need to scrape off your car, but we’ll happily provide you a warm greeting if we cross paths.

How To Get Started

As soon as you decide to hire TLC, we will create a Snow Response Plan and get your property on our specific route. We build you into our plan so that our response time can be as fast as possible.

This plan also includes a detailed account of your property so our team knows just what to expect upon arrival.

Ideally, it is best to get this plan created during autumn so the team can be as prepared as possible before the big winter storms arrive.

For days when it’s even too cold for Vanilla Ice, rely on TLC. We believe that an outdoor life is a better life and want to make it as safe and comfortable for you as possible.

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