Unfortunately, spring is still months away. However, it doesn’t hurt to start planning your spring lawn care. In today’s article, we at TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living would like to give you some tips to get you and your lawn ready for spring. Early spring is an important time for lawn care. This is when you begin to cultivate an environment in which your grass and lawn will thrive.

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Get Soil Tested

Before you can go about giving your lawn everything that it needs to thrive, it is important to find out exactly what it needs. To really get an accurate reading on your lawn needs, get a soil test performed. A professional soil test will tell you its pH, allowing you to get the most effective and vibrant lawn care results.

Clean Up Your Yard

Winter’s cold is not the only thing that’s hard on your lawn. Winter also brings lots of wind, rain, and snow, which also tends to bring lots of debris likes twigs and leaves. Large amounts of debris can lead to both pest problems and dead grass. Landscaping Independence

Start With Weed Control

Just as with most plants, your lawn weeds also germinate during the spring. This is true of most kinds of grass. It is, therefore, important to begin your weed control efforts in the spring. Pre-emergent weed control services can make all the difference between an okay summer lawn and a spectacular summer lawn.

Sharpen Lawn Mower

For optimal performance, mower blades need to be sharpened at least once a year. What a better time to do this sharpening than before the mowing season begins. Dull blades can tear and shred grass, which can lead to potential lawn diseases and discoloration. Additionally, as soon as weather permits, give your line a nice low, initial cut.

Consider Getting Your Lawn Reseeded

Though not all yards need to be reseeded in the spring, some can really benefit from it. If you notice patches of dead grass in your lawn, then your lawn is certainly a good candidate for reseeding. Once a lawn is evenly reseeded, it will grow much thicker and healthier.


Although the amount and type of fertilizer will vary depending on your location and yard condition, it’s a safe bet that your lawn will need a good helping of fertilizer once spring rolls around. However, remember that improperly fertilizing your lawn can cause damage. Consult with your lawn care company to determine if, how much, and when you should fertilize your lawn.

Keep these tips in mind when spring arrives. If you need any help with your lawn care this spring, do not hesitate to contact TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living. We can handle all of your lawn and landscaping services. Also, don’t forget to check out our garden center and plant nursery for all of your plant and lawn needs!