When you are looking out the window or strolling across your lawn of your Independence home, you may be imagining what the lawn could be if you invested in freshening up the look. If you are looking at your home, you may envision a green carpet for your family to gather and if you are looking at your commercial business, you may see inviting lawns and a welcoming flagstone path leading up to your door. Let TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living make your vision a reality! We provide all the lawn care service you need to have the lawn of your dreams. To learn about all the professional lawn care services we offer, keep reading.

Kansas Lawn Challenges

Taking care of a lawn is harder than it looks, especially here in the southeast corner of Kansas. Our summers are brutally hot and often quite dry overall, and yet are the scene of clashes of weather systems that bring hail, torrential rains, and tornados. Kansas winters involve cold weather systems that bring continental high-pressure systems that bring cold air down from Canada and other wetter systems that can coat everything with a quarter-inch of ice that breaks off every small branch of your trees and is hard on the grass. The heat and dry weather make it very hard for grass that can survive the cold weather to make it through the summer, and the and bitter cold of winter is hard on the grass that can withstand the heat. It is being caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Lawn Services

But TLC Can help! We are a Top Rated Local® lawn care company and turn your golden, crispy lawn into a soft, green grass that will have your kids playing you bragging about it. We offer a customized turf program to meet your specific needs. Most programs include weed elimination and fertilization. Other services we offer include dethatching, which breaks up the clumped up dead grass under the top layer of grass, and aeration, which ensures that oxygen is reaching deep into the soil where the grass roots need it. To create the green grass you are after, despite the harsh climate we include reseeding in a full-service lawn care package.  Planting for both cold weather and hot weather, and doing it at the right time, can give you the lush green lawn you want.

Scalable Lawn Services

We handle lawns of all sizes. We have residential customers, large and small business owners, school districts, rec centers, and sports fields. No matter the size and current condition of your lawn, our complete lawn and turf services can bring it to life.


Keeping a lawn green and healthy through a hot and dry summer means you need to water it on a regular basis. There is no easier way to do this than with an irrigation system. TLC Nursery and Outdoor Living also offers sprinkler system installation, service, and repairs. We service all irrigation systems, whether we installed it or not.  From getting your system up and running in the spring, keeping it running perfectly all summer, and blowing it out in preparation for freezing temperatures in the winter, TLC is your go-to irrigation specialist.

Lawn Mowing

Land and large-scale turf mowing has been at the heart of our business since the beginning and remains one of our core services—not a sideline that we do half-heartedly. Our trained and professional staff works quickly and efficiently to mow lawns of all sizes to help keep them in the most healthy state they can be.

Call us today to get started and soon you’ll have the lush green lawn you’ve been dreaming about.