Does your lawn look naked? One of the best ways to transform a barren yard is by planting trees and shrubs. Right now is one of the best times for such plantings because the ground isn’t yet frozen. During the winter, your plants will have time to establish their root system, which you’ll enjoy once spring arrives.

You may be wondering which plants do well when planted in the fall and which ones to avoid. Let’s take a closer look:

Trees To Plant This Fall


In the fall season, these trees are covered in yellow leaves, which provide a striking contrast to the grayish-white bark. Ginkgo trees produce a fruit with seeds you can roast and eat. However, these trees emit a pungent odor, so if you have a sensitivity to strong smells, this might not be the best tree for you.

Black Gum Tree

In the same family as the dogwood tree, this tree displays beautiful fall foliage colored orange, purple, yellow, and red. Oftentimes, nurseries offer a couple of different varieties with fabulous names like “Wildfire.”

Autumn Blaze Maple Trees

The bright scarlet leaves this tree yields in the fall are truly spectacular. Honestly, these fiery trees could stop traffic with their intense fall coloring. Kansas residents love planting this tree because it grows as fast as three to five feet per year.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance tree, this beautiful maple tree is perfect for you. These hearty trees resist wind and ice damage, making them the perfect species for Kansas weather.

Juniper Trees

Would you like more privacy from your nosy neighbors? The Taylor Juniper is a narrow plant that grows upright to provide a barrier against the prying eyes of your irritating neighbors. This elegant plant looks very elegant and adds an excellent vertical element to your landscape.

Winterberry Holly

If you are looking for some truly stunning shrubbery, this plant is easy to grow and is quite beautiful. Featuring bright red berries, this shrubbery looks great all year round, especially during the winter.

Bald Cypress

Not only does this tree grow well in the swampy climate of the South, it grows quite nicely in the Midwest as well. In fact, you can find this tree growing in abundance as far north as Milwaukee.

Although this tree initially appears similar to an evergreen, its leaves actually fall off in the winter. Even without leaves, this tree is quite beautiful because of its deeply colored bark.

What Not to Plant in the Fall

Refrain from planting oaks and redbuds in the fall, which will not do well this time of year. If you have any areas that are especially vulnerable to freezing winds, do not plant trees here in the fall.

If you would like to plant trees or shrubs this fall, stop by our garden center in Independence, where we offer a five year warranty on trees and shrubs. If you have any questions at all, talk to our friendly, knowledgeable staff members. At TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living, we want you to grow the healthiest plants possible, so contact our garden center today to get started.