Many homeowners may think that the summer season is the best time to prune back tree branches, but many arborists will recommend the late winter. When the trees are still dormant and the buds haven’t begun to open, along with proper pruning techniques, the trees will remain healthy, have a strong appearance, and will be safe from the elements. Also, when trees are properly maintained they can increase the value of your property by up to 14 percent. Now that the cold weather has really settled in, it’s time to call a certified arborist who can help you with your lawn care and tree pruning. Not sure if this is really a good time to prune your trees? Here are some benefits.

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Better Visibility

The easier a lawn care service can see the branches of the trees, the easier it will be to trim and prune them. In the summer, foliage can obstruct an arborists’ view of the branch patterns. After the leaves have all fallen, it will be easier to determine if the trees or branches are diseased, have structural problems, or have other health issues. A professional arborist will know the importance of being precise when pruning back branches and visibility can ensure that everything is done correctly.

Less Intrusive

In the heat of the summer, when your family is spending a significant amount of time outdoors, you wouldn’t want to worry about a lawn care service coming in and making a mess of your yard. When the weather is cold and everyone is cuddling up inside, that’s the perfect time to call a lawn care service so that they aren’t getting in the way of backyard parties. If there are trees next to a garden bed, you also won’t need to worry about damaging the flowers.

Helps Control Disease

With beetles, ants, and other insects that can be carrying potentially damaging bacteria and fungi, the summer season could put your trees at a higher risk for disease. Fresh cuts in the summer, along with higher insect activity could cause serious harm to your trees. This is especially true for oaks, which are susceptible to oak wilt disease that can spread quickly in the spring and summer. When the trees are pruned back in the winter, they will be strong enough to keep back diseases when the temperatures start increasing.

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Faster Healing Process

When we break a bone in our body, we need to give ourselves time to heal. The same goes for trees when they have been pruned by a lawn care service. Because they are already at rest during the winter, this allows them plenty of time to rest and recover from being trimmed. Pruning before they start growing again in the spring will also allow new branches to grow stronger and healthier, as well as expose them to less stress.

Protection From Harsh Weather

There are a few benefits of increased visibility after all of the leaves have fallen. An arborist will be able to determine if the tree is ready for any upcoming winter storms. They will then remove weak branches that will give the tree increased structural strength. If weak branches are covered in snow or ice, or can’t withstand high winds, it could be dangerous to your family.

Lawn Care IndependenceBenefits the Existing Landscape

When the days are shorter during the winter, this means there is less light. When a lawn care service comes to prune back branches, they will open up the top of the tree, allowing as much light as possible to reach the landscape below. So any grass or shrubs will get the proper nutrients they need. This also means that you can spend less money in the spring on landscaping services.

Time and Money

When trees are dormant and don’t have any foliage on them, the branches are lighter and can also be easily reached. This allows for a more efficient pruning job because it takes less time to access weak branches, and it is easier for a lawn care service to handle them. When a job takes less time, this saves the homeowner money.

We all love having lush and healthy trees in our backyard, but it does take some work to achieve this. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why the late winter is the best time to prune trees. Keep in mind that pruning a tree without the assistance of a certified arborist and lawn care service can be dangerous to yourself and the trees. It is highly important that a professional is on the site who knows what trees need to stay safe and healthy.

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