Green grass — nothing beats it. But as the Kansas weather begins to change, it is important to remember that your beautiful landscaping is going to change too. Essential to that bright, lively color, watering your grass is a necessity but only during the summer. As hard as it may seem, there are some things we have to face in life, and brown grass is one of them. You can try to be that one guy who has green grass year-round, but we don’t suggest it — not only will you incur pricy bills, broken pipes, and a failing system, but it’s not likely your grass will live through those winter storms anyways, meaning you really just wasted your time and resources. Plus, when the winter weather kicks into gear, your grass is still getting the moisture its needs to spring back to life next year.

As fall approaches and temperatures begin to drop, you may be asking yourself, when is the best time to shut your sprinklers off? Regardless of how long you’ve been an honorary homeowner, this is one question that we seem to run into quite frequently, so we decided to clear the confusion once and for all, ensuring that you keep your grass in the best shape possible.

The Right Time

As your lawn care specialists, it would be nice to say you need to turn your sprinklers off on a particular date; but it’s really not that easy. Although days are shorter and nights are cooler, your landscape still needs the proper lawn care. Shutting your sprinklers off too soon could mean early decay, but leave them on too long and you’ll find other problems. The best indicator of when to turn off your sprinklers off is dependent on the weather. You should pay attention to the changes in weather conditions and notice as the tempers begin to drop. The colder it gets, the better chance the ground has to freeze, meaning that your pipes (if filled with water) will freeze and possibly burst.

Now, just because the temperatures get chilly at night, that doesn’t mean you have to run outside right now and shut your entire system off. If the days are still warm and there is plenty of sunlight, your lawn can still use the extra lawn care TLC as long as the weather warrants.

So then, what is the answer to this pressing question? As soon as the temperatures predict significant freezing. Generally speaking, you will want your system shut off before Halloween, but the only way to really know is by paying attention to the forecast.

The lawn care professionals that you can trust

Before shutting your system off, you should make sure that the ground still feels moist and that your plants, shrubs, and grass are in good condition. The better care you take of your landscape now, the greener your lawn will be next spring. As Independence’s lawn care experts, it’s our goal to make sure you feel confident about your lawn care needs. Whether you would like us to come out and help you prepare for the seasonal changes, or you just have a few questions, we are more than happy to hear from you. Be prepared for the fall, take care of your lawn the right way, and contact us today.