Kansas lawns have a tendency to turn yellow—or golden, as optimists like to say—in the summer. We all know the crispy, crunch, itchy yellow grass that covers our lawns in July and August. This was the year you were going to have a green lawn all summer, remember? Then you got busy at work and every weekend, it seems like other things take priority over giving your lawn the attention it needs to stay the lush green carpet you want. There are a few things you can do to reverse course and have the turf that will hold up to August picnics and September pick-up football games. One is to give up your other weekend plans and take some time to learn what your lawn needs and how to give it what it requires to get green and stay green. The easiest and surest bet is to call TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living and have our highly experienced and dedicated lawn care team come out and take over. To learn more about our service, keep reading.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

Our lawn care technicians do all the hard work for you so that you can enjoy your lawn. Years of experience have taught us that a well cared for lawn that gets regular maintenance pays off. Starting on the springtime, we carry out tasks that are hard for a homeowner to do on their own, but are easy for our crews. Call us today to find out how our lawn care services can give you the lawn you want.

Aeration, Seeding, and Dethatching

Aeration, seeding, and dethatching are a trio of lawn maintenance chores that need to be done regularly to ensure the health of a lawn. Aeration is the process where there are regularly spaced holes made in the lawn to allow oxygen down into the soil where the roots of the grass can access it. Seeding is done to make sure that grass that thrives in hot Independence, Kansas summer but can be killed off by our cold winters comes back. We have found that reseeding lawns with seasonally appropriate types of grass is the best thing that can be done to provide our customers with a consistently green lawn. Dethatching is the process by which matted grass is removed. This allows new grass to grow freely and thickly.

Irrigation Services

It goes without saying that to keep a lawn green, it needs water. But making sure your lawn has the right amount of water and at the right time of day is easier said than done. If you are tired of getting up early to move the sprinkler, call us and find out how a sprinkler system can help your lawn. We install a new irrigation system and repair existing ones, even if we didn’t install it. If you are interested in a backflow prevention device, be sure to call us. We are the only irrigation contractor in southeast Kansas that is certified to install backflow prevention devices.

Pests and Weed Control

If you’ve tried everything you know to do to get your lawn to a healthy state, but seem to be falling short somehow, it might not be you; it’s your lawn. Having weeds and pests can cause a previously healthy lawn to have brown spots, bald spots, circles, or mounds of insects. The good news is that we can help. We will offer tips to help you, and if it seems that the only that will help is to apply herbicide or pesticide, we can do that for you to eliminate the problem

Lawn Mowing Services

Whether you are in charge of a single family home’s lawn or you have a football field that needs tending, we can provide the mowing service that is essential to a healthy lawn.
Cutting your lawn might not seem like a big part of the maintenance, but cutting a lawn to the right height, and at the right time, is important to the health of your lawn. We attempt to cut your lawn on the same day at the same time of day so that your lawn care has a healthy rhythm to it. TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living is the lawn mowing company to turn to for any lawn mowing needs.

When you want help reaching your goal of having a lawn that stays green all summer long, call TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living.