You may have noticed a few bagworms appearing on your trees earlier than normal this year. We’ve had a few questions about whether trees should be treated earlier this year to prevent damage. Here is what we think based on the information we have received from the K-State Extension Office and our own observations.

While a few bagworms have shown up over the last week or two, they should not pose a threat to your trees earlier than normal. Generally we recommend that you treat your trees for bagworms using a product containing Spinosad or Permethrin around June 15 (the chemical you choose will be determined by the type of tree you are treating and the severity of the infestation). These products should be reapplied 7-10 days after the initial application to ensure a complete kill. As of now we believe this spray schedule will still be appropriate this year. However, if you have had problems in the past with bagworms we always recommend a preventative treatment using Tanglefoot insecticide. This is a paste-like substance applied to the bark of a tree to prevent insects from climbing into the tree’s branches from the ground.

If you have questions about the proper treatment schedule for your trees or need help selecting the right product, stop by the Nursery. We will need to know what kind of trees you will be treating and a rough estimate of their size to give you the most accurate advice.