1. Controlling Nutsedge

    We will soon be seeing nutsedge start popping up in our flower beds. There are two ways to get rid of it. You can treat it with a post-emergent weed control to kill it after it has germinated or you c…Read More

  2. Early Signs of Bagworms

    You may have noticed a few bagworms appearing on your trees earlier than normal this year. We've had a few questions about whether trees should be treated earlier this year to prevent damage. Here is …Read More

  3. Preventing Borer Damage

    Burrowing insects like Emerald Ash Borers and Japanese Beetles can do severe damage to a variety of trees in our area. Now is the time to take preventative measures against these pests. The best treat…Read More

  4. Spring Pruning Tips: Crapemyrtles

    Most varieties of crapemyrtles winter-over well in our area, but during extremely cold winters they can suffer and die back to the crown or completely die. If this severe die back occurs, you can choo…Read More

  5. Building Raised Beds in 5 Steps

    This year I’m building more raised beds in my landscape. Raised beds are often easier to care for and don’t require a lot of bending over to care for your plants. Save your back and build a few ra…Read More

  6. Pruning Knock-Out Roses

    Now is the time to cut back knock-out roses. They should be pruned no shorter than 18". Knock-out roses are a grafted rose, meaning if you cut the rose back too far you'll cut off the hybrid "knock-ou…Read More

  7. Proper Pruning Techniques

    Spring is the time to clean up broken branches and re-shape trees and shrubs, however it's important to prune branches back correctly. The best way to explain the proper cut is to make sure your final…Read More

  8. Thoughts on Ice Melt

    When choosing an ice melt you should pay attention to the chemicals at work in your chosen product. Most inexpensive ice melt products contain a high percentage of sodium chloride, commonly known as t…Read More