1. Your Kansas Flower Garden

    The hot and dry summers of the Independence, Kansas area offer challenges when growing a flower garden, but they also offer plenty of rewards. The average growing season in this area is 150 days. You …Read More

  2. Your Kansas Vegetable Garden

    If you were to stop into the TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living Garden Center this week, you’d see that we are all set up to help you get a start on your spring gardening. From muck boots to tools to …Read More

  3. Backyard Chickens & Bees

    TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living is all about making the most of your yard and garden. We know that the people in the Independence area love their lawns green and lush, and their flower gardens full o…Read More

  4. Gardening in Tornado Alley

    Living in tornado alley is akin to living on a dart board. We know that, as springtime arrives and cold air from the north collides with moist warm air from the south, lines of storms will form and ro…Read More

  5. Growing Season Plans

    What would you like to see in your yard and garden this year? This year, the first day of spring occurs on March 20th. This day marks the start of the season and a bustling year of activity for us at …Read More