If you are searching for lawn care in Independence, your search has likely ended. Not only do we provide essential lawa maintenance services (lawn mowing services, lawn fertilization, and other lawn services) but we go above and beyond to provide with with a comprehensive solution. Whether you are looking for an irrigation system or garden landscaping, we have been in business for a long time due to our commitment to putting the customer first. Consider TLC Nursery & Outdoor Living for our commitment to providing affordable, high quality Independence lawn care.

  1. Full-Service Lawn Care

    When you are looking out the window or strolling across your lawn of your Independence home, you may be imagining what the lawn could be if you invested in freshening up the look. If you are looking a…Read More

  2. Lawn Care Basics

    The lawn of your home sets a tone for visitors to your home or business. When someone pulls up and sees your lawn, be it a small patch or several acres, they will form an opinion. You can tell if a pe…Read More

  3. 5 Ways to Keep Moles Out of Your Yard

    Nothing is worse than spending all spring prepping your lawn only to find that your perfect summer yard is filled with tiny dirt volcanoes. When you see these little round mounds of dirt, you know tha…Read More