1. Need Lawn Care and Maintenance Help?

    Kansas lawns have a tendency to turn yellow—or golden, as optimists like to say—in the summer. We all know the crispy, crunch, itchy yellow grass that covers our lawns in July and August. This was…Read More

  2. Thoughts on Landscaping & Hardscaping

    If you’ve ever seen a home, commercial building, or educational institution that has just a lawn in front of it and no flowers, trees, or bushes, you probably thought something looked a bit off. Eve…Read More

  3. Full-Service Lawn Care

    When you are looking out the window or strolling across your lawn of your Independence home, you may be imagining what the lawn could be if you invested in freshening up the look. If you are looking a…Read More

  4. Lawn Care Basics

    The lawn of your home sets a tone for visitors to your home or business. When someone pulls up and sees your lawn, be it a small patch or several acres, they will form an opinion. You can tell if a pe…Read More